Mahjong Solitaire    
Free Mahjong Tiles Game to play online. Eliminate the tiles from the Mahjongg towers solitaire game.    


Free Mahjong Tiles Game
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Free Mahjong has various fast levels to play:

In this Mahjong version the graphics of the tiles are bright, clear and easy to identify; you may get as well easily addicted to play this free board game online.

Mahjongg solitaire (also known as Mah-Jong solitaire, electronic mahjong) is a three-dimensional solitaire matching game that uses tiles with modern themes instead of classic bone tiles or cards. The tiles are arranged in random locations and conformations. Exposed or highlighted pairs of tiles are to be removed from the grid one at a time, gradually exposing the lower layers to play. The aim of the game is to clear the grid by pairing up all the tiles within the allocated time. The game is blocked when there are no exposed pairs remaining.

The game "Mahjong" is mostly called Mahjongg Solitaire (or Solitaire Mahjongg). Other names are 'The Turtle' or 'Tiles' and known brandnames are Taipei, Kyodai or Moraff's.

"Mahjong Solitaire " may be based on a few hundred years old Chinese game 'The Turtle'. As written by some a computer based (unix) mahjong solitaire game shall have existed already in 1981.




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