Mahjong Solitaire    
Mahjongg Game to play free online. Eliminate the tiles from this Mahjongg towers solitaire game.    

Mahjongg Game
This is a online java version of the classic Mahjongg Solitaire game.
If this game do not display in your browser you probably need to download and install the Java Runtime Enviroment from Sun Microsystems. Please visit Java Runtime Enviroment and click the option "Downloads". This plug-in software is FREE and will add functionality to your browser by running other games and aplications found online.
Clear the gameboard by removing similar tiles.
The tiles that can be removed are those not blocked. In this java version the free tiles are those with at least two sides open, with no tiles on top. Remove the pairs by left-clicking each tile with your mouse.
The score will add two points for each pair of tiles removed.
The HINTS feature help the player by revealing matching tiles still available on the board. Click on the button Hints On/Hints Off to activate.
The game is over when you have successfully eliminated all the tiles, or until there are no accessible pairs left.


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