Mahjong Solitaire    
Free Mahjongg Solitaire - a Java solitaire game to play online. The player selects the tower, the tiles, symbols and background to play.    


Free Mahjongg
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Free Mahjongg Solitaire offers many graphic options.

If this game do not display in your browser you probably need to download and install the Java Runtime Enviroment from Sun Microsystems. Please visit Java Runtime Enviroment and click the option "Downloads". This plug-in software is FREE and will add functionality to your browser by running other games and aplications found online.

This Free Mahjongg version offers 8 options of towers or layouts, 4 tile styles, 4 symbol collections and 10 backgrounds.
There is a BEGINNERS MODE and EXPERT MODE for a more challenging experience. Not to worry, the game menu option SHOW HINT will help to locate pairs of tiles; the AVAILABLE TILES shows all the tiles at end or top of the towers. If these is not enough, the UNDO feature allows to go back.
The visual and layout possibilities of this Free Mahjong brings additional levels of entertainment to this fabulous puzzle game.






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